About Us

daphnecases began its production by the family elders in a boutique leather sector in Istanbul, 1972. The adventure of daphnecases started in a small, 20 square meters store with an old machine in the sector and the company has become improver and leader trademark within the experience and the developed machinery.

daphnecases has its own principles on contemporary design and high production quality on the area of phone cases, woman bags and accessory.

daphnecases has experience for 41 years, expert staff and always progressing style with its 1200 square meters factory. The company presents to its customers fashionable and trendy products with a cutting-edge technology.

daphnecases has 150 expert staff, patternshop and production capacity of 100.000 cases per month and the company is ready to go ahead to new horizons with its professional, experienced and latest fashion team and products